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Welcome to the Seismic Un*x WIKI

Seismic Un*x is an open source seismic processing package. It aims first at delivering a robust and efficient seismic reflection software package, dedicated to education, and to permit the processing of moderate size 2D seismic or GPR data sets.

SU offers more than 450 processing and auxiliary tools.

Starting from this page, you will soon find


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About SU

The CWP/SU:Seismic Un*x is an open source seismic utilities package originally created by the Center for Wave Phenomena (CWP) at the Colorado School of Mines (CSM). The package provides an instant seismic research and processing environment for users running on all Unix and Unix-like operating systems, which include the operating systems whose names begin in “U” and end in “X”, Mac OS X, Linux, Free BSD Unix, the Windows Bash Shell, and the Cygwin32 system for Windows PCs.

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